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People's  Movement  for Self  Reliance



For over two decades we have been receiving funds for these above programs from a Funding 

Agency in Netherlands and due to policy change it now stopped funding projects in the South 

and shifted its funding to North India.  As there is a great need for this children’s activity to be 

continued, we need financial support.  For this we in PMSR need the support of individuals, 

friends, and from other sources including funding agencies and CSR funding.

WE APPEAL TO YOU for your prayers and support in the following ways:

  •       You can sponsor a child (or more children) in Karunalaya:
  •       You can also share about this our work with your Friends & Fellowship groups.

Here below we are presenting a bare minimum budget to sustain Karunalaya, the School 

Home for Mentally Challenged children until we find regular support from a donor agency. 

Please contact the Secretary for a full-fledged budget estimate.


Rs. 360 ($ 6) a month will meet the medical expenses of one child          

Rs.1080 ($ 18) a month will provide nutritious food for a child 

Rs.1080 ($ 18) a month will meet one child’s cost of education, Vocation guidance training, games & recreation and support of academic staff (Special Teachers and Helpers)

Rs.1080 ($ 18) a month will meet per child, clothing, toiletries, the cost of Staff support in the Hostel (Coordinator, House Mother, Cook, Caretakers, Watchman), Administration & maintenance of the School and Boarding Home.            

Sum total of the above Rs.3600/- ($ 60) per child and for 40 children is Rs. 1,44,000.  We are in need of this amount every month.

(The above cost break up is done keeping in mind the fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange 

rates & we followed a standard rate of Rs.60 per one US $) 


Please note: Cheques have to be made in favor of PMSR (For donors within India will have 

Income tax exemption under 80G of the  Income Tax Act) 

1.)  If anyone wants to send money directly to the bank, contact the Secretary who will 

send you the details.         

2.) In case you are sending a cheque (in favour of PMSR), mail it to the following address, 

either by Courier Mail or by Registered Post (If you are sending in Courier mail, please 

remember to write the Mobile Number also):


Adiss Arnold Jackayya (Mobile No. +91 9663224989) 

Secretary, PMSR, 

Karunalaya School Compound 

Kempanapalaya Road, Near Lakkarasanapalaya

KOLLEGAL, 571440, Karnataka, INDIA