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People's  Movement  for Self  Reliance


About US

PMSR (People’s Movement for Self Reliance) is a non-profit, registered voluntary 

organization. Founded by the Late Rev. Dr. B.H. Jackayya in 1985, in Kollegal, 

Chamrajnagar District in Karnataka, India.

 It was founded for the socio-economic and health development of the marginalized 

community in that area.  By empowering the oppressed women and children, taking initiative to

improve the lives of especially the children with all disabilities including the mentally challenged. 

 Freeing those poor who were bonded labourers and child labourers and also address 

the issues of child exploitation in the form of neglect, child abuse and child marriage.


      All persons live a life of wholeness with human dignity worthy of human being


To achieve holistic development by empowering the local communities to improve      

 the quality of life of the socio-culturally and economically deprived people including       

 children by ensuring their rights

PMSR through its activities envisions a society devoid of all forms of disparities wherein the 

socially, economically and culturally deprived people/communities have equal opportunities to 

avail their rightful share in the abundant resources available through a process of mass 


Through its children’s projects, PMSR aims to bring transformation in the lives of 

children who are living in exploitative and difficult situations by empowering the 

communities to avail the rights enshrined in the Constitution and in the UN Charter on 

Child Rights.



This organization and the members were motivated and inspired by the founder Rev. Dr. B.H. Jackayya,

who worked for the rights and upliftment of the marginalized people.

As a rural voluntary organization, he founded a norm to select Executive Board 

members from all religions and walks of life. 

The present Board also is of similar nature, with very committed and responsible 

members who guide the organization in its activities.

Experts and consultants are visiting and guiding for the development of the 


The staff team are all from the same locality who are committed and have worked for 

many years.